Tony Cuda is a bassist and composer of progressive rock and jazz influenced music inspired by Weather Report, Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Yes, King Crimson and so many other wonderful musicians.  Tony lives in Cleveland Hts, Ohio.  
Email:  tcuda@msn.com

CuDa Schief & CuDa (CSC) Original Prog/Jazz/Rock:  

CuDa Schief & CuDa was formed in 2006 by Tony and Chris Cuda. We wanted to integrate all of our great musical influences and combine them with our own unique personalities and see what would happen. Our efforts resulted in 3 CD’s and concert performances with Adrian Belew, Stick Men featuring Tony Levin, Alan Holdsworth, Carl Palmer, Project Object (Zappa Alum), Brian Auger,    Brand X and many others. Now, we are focused on new compositions; some with vocals, but still mostly instrumental. Look for new music and live performances in 2023.

Chris Cuda - Guitar/Vocals; Matthew Schieferstein - drums; Tony Cuda - Bass.

 Tony Cuda’s Jazz Cats  Original Jazz Influenced Music

Tony Cuda’s Jazz Cats was formed in 2010 as a recording project. The idea was to create an outlet for my jazzier, bluesier compositions. We put out our first CD in 2014 called “Herding Jazz Cats” and played our first gigs that same year.  Our latest CD, "Broken Streams of Consciousness" was released in 2016 and features Jamey Haddad on percussion and a host of locally celebrated jazz musicians. The Jazz Cats are: Tony Cuda (bassist & composer), Dan Maier (keys & arranger), Jim Cirillo (saxes), Matt Schieferstein (drums), Chris Cuda (guitar). 

City Heat (60’s-80’s Rock/Motown/Dance/Covers) Weddings, Country Clubs, Corporate Events & nightclubs:   City Heat was formed in 1984 and has been one of the most successful classic rock bands in NE Ohio. We have played over 2000 gigs during that time and are known for our ability to cover a wide variety of bands/artists including Led Zeppelin, Yes, 3 Dog Night, Joe Cocker, The Beatles, Elton John,The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Heart, Janis Joplin and host of others. We celebrated our 31st anniversary last year making us one of Cleveland’s longest running local bands. We have performed over 500 private events; mostly weddings and country clubs.  Felicia Rosati - Vocals; Larry Jester - Vocals; Chris Cuda - Guitar; Bruce Kowalski - Keys; Tony Cuda - Bass; Matt Schieferstein - Drums

 ProgNation (Late 60's / Early 70's Prog Rock) ProgNation from Cleveland, Ohio was formed to pay tribute to Yes, ELP, King Crimson, The Moody Blues, Genesis and several other pioneers of the golden era of prog rock.  ProgNation is:  Steve Kolesar (Vocals), Bruce Kowalski (Keyboards & Vocals), Marty Zlocki (Drums), Chris Cuda (Guitar & Vocals) and Tony Cuda (Bass & Vocals). WEBSITE:  http://www.prognationband.com/         https://www.facebook.com/prognation2016/